The Guardian of the Forest

Galdor departs and marches deeper into the heart of the Tarot Grove. After about 1/4 mile he finds a large tree where he sits down at the roots and pulls out his wooden flute. He begins to play an entrancing melody whereforth a winged long-silver haired elf slowly materializes.

Forest Guardian: “Galdor! You disgrace us by bringing an ogre to our forest. You know the ogres violated the oath long ago, we drove them out at a great cost to our people, do you not remember?”

Galdor: “I do remember, and I wish to honor their great sacrifices. But this ogre is different, he knows not what his ancestors did, he was not bred into hatred, and he seeks no vengeance. He was raised in captivity by the gnomes of Thraxis. He knows nothing about life, except that of a prisoner. He has commited no crime and would you have us return him to Prattler’s Cove to condemn him to a lifetime of captivity? Would we then be no better than those who enslave our brothers and sisters within the Elgarian Nation? The very same animals who enslaved my father and took away his will to live?

Forest Guardian: “Well spoken Galdor. You have until the 2nd sunrise to remove the ogre from my forest, after that I will not be responsible for what the trees do to you and your friends. Now leave me in peace and be gone!”

The guardian of the forest dematerializes and becomes one with the trees.



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