Vengeance Anyone?

Tharq introduces the ogre to Harold.

Tharq: “Yogi, this is Harold. Harold, this is Yogi.“

Yogi reaches out his arms in Frankenstein fashion to hug Harold who instinctively back peddles to prevent being accidently hugged to death. Unfortunately while back-peddling, despite his athletic talents he accidently trips over a rock. Lying prone on his back he stretches out his hands to protect himself from the approaching ogre. It is at this point Galdor enters the scene. As you can imagine Galdor thinks that Harold is being attacked by the ogre. Galdor leaps out from behind the trees with his bow strung in heroic fashion.

Galdor:(yelling) Don’t worry Harold, I’ll save you!!!.“

Galdor:(yelling) It was a flesh-eating ogress that killed my father, I must avenge his death!!!“

Galdor:(yelling) Eglerio!!!” (Galdor’s hounds code word for kill.)

Harold and Tharq:(pleading) No!!!“

Too late the arrow hits the ogre square in the back of the calf and Yogi yelps in pain as Galdor’s hounds Trex and Radar charge forward. Zelda, the Elgarian Hound runs interference between her on-rushing companions and the injured ogre. She turns to face her companions head-on, snarling, fangs showing and froth dripping down her chin. Galdor quickly realizes his mistake.

Galdor:(yelling) Posto!!!“

Trex and Radar come to a screeching halt, less than a foot from Zelda’s gaping jaws. Tharq runs over to the giant ogre and hugs him. Do to Yogi’s unusually large size and Tharq’s small size this means hugging Yogi’s uninjured leg.

Tharq:(sobbing) I’m sorry Yogi.“

Tharq switches over to the injured leg.

Tharq:(tenderly) Hold still while I pull this out.”

Tharq begins yanking on the arrow. Unfortunately he breaks the shaft, leaving point still lodged in the ogre’s leg. Tharq turns to look at Harold and Galdor.

Tharq:(squeaky) Help?”



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