Zoo Trouble

Harold: “Now what? We can’t return the ogre to the zoo, they’ll think we’re poachers. The spotted-ogre is on the endangered species list and protected by the Sea Baron’s Game Wardens.“

Galdor: “I told you that making friends with a prootwaddle was a bad idea. You should have let him drown.”

Tharq shamefully hangs his head.

Galdor:(back-tracking) I’m sorry Tharq. I shouldn’t have said that. Besides you know I feel the same way you do about cages.”

Galdor points at Harold.

Galdor: “Blasted Harold! You’re the one who wanted adventure!”

Harold: “You know that this isn’t the type of adventure I meant?”

Galdor:(smirking) Then next time be more careful what you wish for.”

Galdor:(sarcastically) Look at us! What a lot we turned out to be: An escaped yellow-spotted ogre, a run-away prootwaddle, a hair-brained harlequin, and a wild, long-eared tree-elf. Ha! All we need is a ringmaster and we’ll have our-selves a traveling circus.”

Tharq: “I hate to interrupt this little spittle-spattle, but we need to concentrate on finding a healer for Yogi.”

Galdor and Harold turn to look at each other, then grin ever so slightly. Harold and Galdor high-five each other and chant in unison:

Galdor and Harold: “Ferdinan, the purple gnome hedge wizard!”

Tharq then lifts his head and smiles wiping away his tears. Yogi seeing Tharq grins from ear to ear. Zelda, Trex and Radar begin wagging their tails excitedly while letting out a couple of friendly barks. Zippo, the shrew perched on the pouch rim looks around excitedly, squeaks then continues to sniff the air with his long nose.

And so it is that the adventures of Harold the Harlequin and Galdor the long-eared, Tree-Elf begin…



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