ST 7 DX 10 IQ 9

Harlequins are very well rounded powerful characters. They are mysterious, acrobatic, intelligent and strong, but not overly overly strong. However their power comes at a price, they must have at least 2 handicaps. Any [[http://tft.brainiac.com/archive/0009/msg00081.html|handicap]] is acceptable except “fat”.

Harlequins do not carry shields, wear very little armor and carry light weapons (foil, daggers, staff, darts, a wand, etc.). Their skills are in line with the “blademaster” “gadgeteer”, “assassin/spy”, “scholar” “rogue”, and “wizard”. They are often acrobats, singers, story tellers, magicians, illusionists, etc. They are complex characters that often appear playful and friendly and are loyal to good causes but on the flip side they often have an alter-ego, a dark side ie. assassins, thieves, spies. Some are just playfully michevious, some are evil, and a lot of them are dark heroes, meaning they use their dark side to do good, doing the dirty work that for example Paladin types won’t do. These characters are very colorful and a lot of fun to play.

They are often elves, and frequently spies/secret agents working for the Elf King.

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