Prootwaddles are indirect cousins to Gully Dwarves. Simple hunters and gatherers, they live in small forest villages. No Prootwaddle has an Intelligence higher than 6. If a prootwaddle ever becomes smarter through some incredible piece of luck, he changes his name and moves far away from the other prootwaddles. Prootwaddles can be recognized by their bizarre attire, which often includes strange slogans painted on their bodies; by their cry of “Proot! Proo-oot!”; and by their small size. Occasionally, some will be found in a city, sleeping in alleys and performing routine tasks. Their mood can change from friendly to angry and back in seconds.

Prootwaddles in Westworld

Gnome merchants in Western Ced complained to the King about homeless, quick-tempered prootwaddles in the streets driving away paying customers. When the Baron King refused to take their complaints seriously, the merchant guild took matters into their own hands. They distributed prootwaddle hate propaganda and contracted with the assassins guild to lynch prootwaddles from trees at night. The Baron King felt compassion for the prootwaddle and establed government protected preserves where they are free hunt and and live off the land. He created a new branch of law enforcement to move them to the preserves and to protect them from poachers. In order to placate the angry merchants he estabilished laws within the cities which included hefty fines and jail time for anyone caught harboring prootwaddles outside the preserves.

Prootwaddles have no enemies besides the angry gnomes merchants in Westworld. Otherwise all other intelligent races consider them harmless annoyances.

Prootwaddles Outside the Borderlands

East of the Kinstone Mountains, prootwaddles are free to roam. When encountered by adventurers they are usually drinking, gambling, or arguing about what day it is. , and often the leftovers from your lunch make a better bribe than would a sack of gold.


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